We are proud to share samples of our brand/marketing/advertising experience with national blue chip clients that showcase how we are driven by our understanding and connection with Latinos across the U.S.


Launched in 2012 – AWH was a crowd sourced romantic comedy written, produced and directed by Wong Fu Productions.

The challenge: Targeting the influential Asian youth segment, AT&T set out to improve key metrics including a leading business metric Net Promoter Score. We also sought to improve other key brand health metrics including perceptions of AT&T as it related to “being cool” and “innovative”.

The results: The 6-week series was an internet success and garnered over 13,000,000 views during the campaign period (now up to 15,000,000). More importantly, we reversed NPS score by 84%. We improved brand metrics 4 and 17 percentage points and in the “being cool” and “innovative” perceptions respectively.


The CDC “America Responds to AIDS” Campaign was a massive national public awareness campaign launched in 1988.

The challenge:Create an unprecedented call-to action campaign to inform the U.S. Latino community about AIDS.

The results: The America Responds to AIDS’s ad called Jenny Reyes was one of four ads targeting Latinos in English and Spanish. This is a talking head testimonial style ad delivered in a dramatic emotional storytelling format. The Jenny Reyes ad was one of four ads in this campaign. The campaign generated unprecedented levels of Latino phone calls to the CDC’s inbound telemarketing center. This ad and the campaign was awarded the first CLIO ever awarded to a Hispanic advertising campaign.


Remittance money to Mexico from the US is the third largest contributor to Mexico’s GDP after Oil and Tourism.

The challenge: Engage Mexican remittance sender in the US through the voice and faces of the people/families receiving the funds from their loved ones in the US.

The results: Gain an understanding of the target audience: we learned the sender (immigrant) has endured many hardships migrating to the US to make money to send home to their families. The senders are truly family “heros”. Therefore we talked to the sender to use Western Union because you can “trust” Western Union to deliver your hard earned money safely to their loved ones. This campaign increased WU’s Mexico remittance business year over year by 22%!